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How to Play WWE SuperCard

Your team consists of five wrestlers in WWE SuperCard game. One wrestler is your “Champion”. This is card which shows your name when opponents play against you. One another single wrestler, one diva and a tag team.
There are also two extra supports cards with the team of five wrestlers. Here you find more info about the Card Deck. You can get famous WWE (managers and objects) consists of weapons which are use in WWE fight such a chairs of ladders in the form of support card.

how to play wwe supercards how to play wwe supercards how to play wwe supercards
WWE SuperCard game consists of three rounds and you have to win two rounds to win the game automatically. You have to complete three rounds even you win first two rounds.

Your each card consists of four different statistics

WWE SuperCard Card playFirst one Power (POW)

how to play wwe supercard2ND one is Toughness (TGH)

how to play wwe supercard3RD one is Speed (SPD)

how to play wwe supercard4TH one is Charisma (CHA)

Just take one example if round is based on POW, The player with highest power start would win the games. If the game is draw both players get the point. If you is based on CHA, The player with highest CHA stat would win the game

You can utilize your cards in different way in WWE SuperCard game. Take an example, one support card can be utilized in a game to increase your statistics or decrease the statistics of your opponents and you can come into the better position to win the game.Let discuss the tag teams. In tag teams you just need to look on diamond of your superstars, the diamond color would be blue or yellow and it is half filled. You just need to combine two superstar having opposite filled diamond to generate the tag partners. This would generate the full diamond and produces bonus stats for tag teams both partners. If your superstars have similar diamonds fills then tag team start would be lowered.

When you start the game, you get the free pack. Now you need to set your superstars and your support cards. You would also get the tutorial to learn how to play the game against your opponents. When you play game and unlock more cards, you would now you don’t need these card to play against your opponents. But you can use these cards to feed other cards which you would use against your opponents

Let discuss the training process. First choose the card you want to train then choose the training option then choose the card you want to feed to card which training under process. Higher rarity class cards can level you up more than low rarity class cards. When you start winning and building the better deck then your deck tier would increase. You would get the option to unlock the better cards after winning the exhibition matches

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